Hoof Balance 2 Webinar – Dr Simon Curtis with Jim Ferrie & Lorenzo D’Arpe

Simon Curtis, Jim Ferrie & Lorenzo D’Arpe give 3 perspectives on Hoof Balance, sharing valuable info & practical applications in hoof-care – 20 November k 19:00.

OBS -Föreläsningen är på Engelska!

This will be a new instalment following our first webinar on the topic in spring. This will be all new information.

The lectures will look at assessing, trimming and balancing the foot, methods of unloading, treating imbalance, shoeing to facilitate a level foot, spiral shoeing technique, using radiographs to assess balance, and much more.



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**FULL VIDEO RECORDING INCLUDED WITH ALL TICKETS. You will receive the recording by email within 2-3 days following the live event**

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  • Access to the live interactive webinar
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  • A PDF of further learning & key take-aways

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The topic will be discussed in depth, with attendees given time to Q&A directly with the speakers. Other activities include a mini scavenger-hunt, quiz, prizes, special offers and more.

Following the event, ticket holders will have the opportunity to rewatch the whole webinar in a video recording, and will receive a PDF handout/papers with further learning, and a certificate of your attendance for claiming CE/CPD points.

We will be starting on 20 Nov at 19:00 Central Europe (CET)