Open Swedish Championship for Farriers 2023, 3-6 June

The competition area will be at Evidensia, Strömsholm 

Adress: Djursjukhusvägen 9, 734 94 Strömsholm
Map —> LINK 

Program, start lists —> LINK


Dinner & pricec ceremony will be at Westerqwarn on monday,  7pm (19:00)

Note! Only people with pre-payed ticets will get in at Westerqwarn
Dinner-tickets —> LINK

All Icelandic shoes is 10 mm

Div. 1, Class 1, French Hind
Div. 1, Class 1, Concave Front
Div. 1, Class 2, Shoe for the foot
Div. 1, Class 2, Specimen, Lateral extension hind
Div. 1, Semi-final, Specimen, Heel and feather
Div. 1, Semi-final, Specimen, Heel and feather, hoof side & sections
Finals. Shoes for feet, masselotte
Div. 1, Semi-Final, Shoe for the foot
Div. 1, Final, Shoe for the  foot

Div. 2
Div. 2, Class 1, Hind Shoe Trailer  
Div. 2, Class 1, Bar Shoe Rocker Toe 
Div. 2, Class 2, Hind Shoe Lateral Extension
Div. 2, Class 2, Side Bone Bar Shoe
Div. 2, Final, Specimen, Funky Shaped Front, Groundside
Div. 2, Final, Specimen, Funky Shaped Front, HoofSide
Final. Shoe for the foot
Div. 2, Final, Shoe for the foot

Div. 3
Div. 3, Class 1, Unclipped Front 
Div. 3, Class 1, Hackney Front 
Div. 3, Class 2, Unclipped Hind 
Div. 3, Class 2, Plain Stamped Hind, Lateral Extension
Div. 3, Final, Specimen, Plain Stamped Hind Shoe, Masselotte Clip
Final. Shoe for the foot:

Team shoeing Ardennes

4 competitors shoes one foot each
One in the team is holding the horse

Registration, team shoeing:
Enter all 4 competitors name and e-mail adress for the invoice 

Jay Tovey, FWCF, U.K.
Vincent Lamaille, Belgium

No strikers, no firemen.

Registration link —> Mustad Farrier Portal
Registration, team shoeing:

Registration  fees:
Division 3: 1700 SEK (1200 SEK*)
Division 2: 2000 SEK (1500 SEK*)
Division 1: 2200 SEK (1700 SEK*)
Team shoeing Ardennes: 3000 SEK (2500 SEK*) 
*) SHF-member  
Prices are without Swedish VAT, 25%. (VAT will be added according to Swedish law)