Simon Curtis – Webinar

Dr Simon Curtis & guest speaker Simon Moore FWCF will be holding a 3 hour interactive webinar. taking place on Saturday 17 April, at 6pm UK GMT time.

Lördag 17 April, Kl 19:00, (Svensk tid)

OBS föreläsningen är på Engelska!

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This webinar will explore both front and hind foot balance, a topic chosen by overwhelming popular demand. Between lectures, attendees will have time for break-out discussions with other participants, as well as Q&A directly with the speakers on each topic. Other activities will include a mini-scavenger hunt, prizes, special offers and more.

Following the event, ticket holders will have the opportunity to rewatch the whole webinar in a video recording, and will receive a PDF with key take-aways, papers, and further learning.

To register for the Hoof Balance Webinar with Dr Simon Curtis and Simon Moore FWCF, please go to:



If you encounter any problems, please email for assistance.